Yeah, one of the hardest things - materialize your thoughts.

We’re living in a world full of digital content. People write, produce, record, put so many things into the Internet that it’s very easy to just get lost in all this informational chaos. Will this blog share the same fate? Most likely, not going to lie here.

Honestly I’m not sure if the information I could throw into the big information highway will be that meaningful. And even if it would be, will it be discovered? Will it be appreciated enough? Should I even bother if it’s very unlikely that I’ll just produce a small bit of shapeless informational soup?

I’m not producing this blog only for you though. Doing it for myself too.

I’ve understood a long time ago that I tend to clarify my thoughts much better if those are directed towards another person. I have to focus on the correct shape, hierarchy of the information to transfer. I also remove meaningless parts and expose important ones to strengthen the exchange of the data. That’s why I hope to benefit from this braindump blog. And even though it may be lost and never found - from my point of view it was already worth it.

So what this will be about? Let’s shape some rules, guidelines for myself:

  • If I figure out something that surprised me, I’ll try to write about it
  • If I manage to come up with an idea I consider good enough to share, I’ll write about it
  • If I find an improvement to some idea I’ve came up with earlier that’s worth mentioning, I’ll write about it

Of course I reserve the right to do all of this in a chaotic way common to the people working everyday to feed their families (or better explanation of myself: those lazy enough to use the lack of time as an excuse).